School Readiness

  1. What are the basic skills a child needs for preschool?
    Your child should be able to respond to their name when called and be able to follow basic verbal instructions (such as sit down, give high-5). Your child should be able to indicate simple needs either by words, or taking an adult’s hand. In order to learn, he or she should also have joint attention with adults and other children. Your child should be able to sit for an age appropriate amount of time, such as the time needed to finish a short story book. Your child should also have foundational social skills such as taking turns, waiting, and sharing.

  2. How can I help prepare my child for transition to primary school?
    Help your child prepare to follow instructions in a bigger group by enrolling him or her in group activities such as camps or drama classes. Encourage your child to be more organized by having him or her draw up simple visual schedules and follow through independently. Practice packing and unpacking a school bag, having your child self-check if all items have been packed into the bag. Your child should have simple money skills so that he or she can buy food during recess. Have your child practice buying and carrying a food tray at the food court. Handwriting demands are also increased, so make sure your child is able to write legibly with a good pencil grip.

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