1. What is attention?
    Attention is the ability to obtain and sustain appropriate attention to a task. This can be influenced by motivation, self-esteem, sensory integration and language difficulties. Effective attention is what allows us to screen out irrelevant stimulation in order to focus on the information that is important in the moment.

  2. What are the necessary elements to build attention and how does Occupational Therapy help?
    The main building blocks for attention include:

    • Sensory processing
    • Self regulation
    • Receptive (understanding) Language
    • Auditory processing difficulties
    • Hearing impairment
    • Learnt helplessness
    • Limited motivation
    • Environment

    OTs combine consider all elements such as environmental factors, sensory related needs, and play skills to target attention from the child, tailoring these factors according to each individual child.

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