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Going Up the Pyramid – Executive Function

Does your child forget what you asked him to get from his room after he walks into it? Do you find it difficult to understand what happened at school that day because your child’s account is all over the place?

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Sensory Processing in a Tiny Nutshell

In a tiny nutshell, when the body’s sensory processing systems are not functioning at an ideal level, either the senses are delivering information that may not be accurate, or the sensory information received are not processed accurately. Imagine how traffic flows in a major city – sensory information...

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The ABCs of Behaviors

Trying to understand the reason behind a child’s behavior can seem like navigating through a forest blindfolded, while avoiding getting caught by hanging vines and poison ivy. The ABCs of analyzing behaviors can offer a map through this maze, and shed some light on...

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Sensory Integration – The Base of the Pyramid

Pause for a moment and think about what is happening to you. You are probably seated in a chair, looking at a screen. There may be music playing around you, multiple windows may be opened on your device, you may be texting on your phone at the same time...

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The Truth of the Matter – Sensory or Behavior

Children are dynamic and complex, and the behaviors they display are similarly complex and often appear to be chaotic. According to the Chaos Theory, chaos is actually a form of order that is disguised as disorder. This theory suggests that even in cases of extreme disorder, such as...

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