Handwriting and Attention Success Story

Handwriting and Attention Success Story

Jack is a 5-year-old boy who first came to us with limited pre writing skills. He was only able to scribble and could not copy any form of lines or shapes. He also struggled with sitting at the table to engage in any form of tabletop tasks. He was unable to focus at the table for more than 3 minutes and often threw tantrums when asked to sit at the table to do tasks.

After attending weekly Occupational Therapy sessions, Jack has shown improvements in his attention and handwriting. He is now able to draw lines and copy circles. He used to only be able to make repeated circular marks on the chalkboard, but he is now able to copy a well-formed circle with 80% accuracy and draw a line. Jack’s engagement in tabletop tasks has also showed drastic improvement! He is able to focus and complete solving puzzles at the table for a time span of 5 minutes without throwing tantrums.

We couldn’t have done this without the collaborative support from Jack’s parents! Let’s continue working together to help Jack reach his fullest potential!

Note: The identities of the individuals mentioned in the success story have been altered to maintain confidentiality.

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