Ella's Handwriting Improvement

Ella's Handwriting Improvement

Ella is a 7-year-old attending a mainstream school in Singapore. Her mother had enrolled her in Occupational Therapy due to her struggles with handwriting, which had caused concerns about its potential impact on her future grades. Her mother's goal was to provide Ella with a solid foundation in her handwriting skills.

Upon starting Occupational Therapy, Ella's letter formation was poor, and she struggled to keep them on the line. However, after just three months of weekly Occupational Therapy sessions, Ella's mother was thrilled with the results. Her teachers also noticed significant improvements in her handwriting skills. Ella's letter formation had improved dramatically, and she was able to differentiate between small, tall, and sinking letters. She could even copy a three-sentence paragraph with all letters sitting perfectly on the line, with excellent letter formation and alignment.

We are incredibly proud of Ella and her progress!

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