Ong Yu Ping

Ong Yu Ping

AHPC Registered

BSc in Occupational Therapy

Yu Ping attained a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Occupational Therapy from the Singapore Institute of Technology - Trinity College Dublin joint degree programme.

During her academic journey, Yu Ping interned at various facilities, including a paediatric occupational therapy clinic. In her spare time, she also tutored primary school students. Since graduating, she has worked in both hospital and community care settings, conducting assessments, rehabilitation, and caregiver training to support her patients in their recovery. Her patients ranged from teenagers to centenarians, with a mix of physical, cognitive and psychosocial challenges.

Now at Dynamics Therapy Group, Yu Ping aims to assist children to live, play and learn to the best of their abilities. Understanding that each child has different sensory, motor, cognitive and psychosocial needs guides her to develop individualized goals and interventions. She strives to make therapy sessions purposeful, fun and translatable to home and school. Involvement of parents, teachers and other influential figures is paramount. She also believes in remaining a child at heart to better relate to and connect with her young clients.

Yu Ping looks forward to working with families from various cultural backgrounds. Besides English and Mandarin, she can also speak Hokkien and basic Bahasa Indonesia, thanks to her Indonesian heritage.

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